Read directly from a backup file

If your Signet is lost or not easily accessible it is possible to read directly from a backup file to access your data. While reading from a backup the Signet user interface functions very similarly to when a device is connected. The main differences are that there is no ability to type your data and the data is read only.

  1. Start the Signet client and click ‘File->Open”

  2. Locate the Signet backup file you want to read. It will have the extension ‘sdb’ which is short for ‘Signet DataBase’. For automated backups the default location is in a subdirectory of your documents folder called ‘SignetBackups’. If the file is opened successfuly you will see a message on the top of the main window indicating which file is open.

  3. To access your data you must unlock the database your your master password as you would if a device was connected. While reading from the database file the client will ignore the presence of a Signet device. When you are done accessing your data you can click ‘File->Close” and the client will return to it’s default device oriented mode.