Using Signet's browser plugins

  1. Install the Signet browser plugin for your browser:

  2. Once you have installed the browser plugin a small Signet icon should appear on your browser that will change its appearance depending on which actions are available:

  • The icon is gray if the Signet client is not running or your Signet is locked.
  • The icon is black if the Signet client is running and your Signet is unlocked, but there is no action available other than to foregrownd the client.
  • The icon is black with a yellow dot if the plugin associates the website with stored information, but cannot find a login form on the current page. You can then click on the icon to select a specific account in the client. This action will foreground the client to the specified account, and then use the Signet client as you would normally.
  • The icon is black with a green dot if the plugin recognizes the website and can autofill a username and password for one or more accounts. Each account is listed in two different sections in the menu. A click in the “Show in client” section will select the account in the client. A click in the “Login” section will request login and password data from the client to fill in the login form in order to log you into the website. When requesting a login you will need to press the device button before the plugin will log you in.